conceptual artist



Luciano, born in The Netherlands 1970, nationality Italian, lives and works in Amsterdam, is a conceptual artist whose underlying theme is the work itself. By carefully constructing self reflecting playgrounds of the real, I research into the inner workings of the experience of perception.


The underlying theme of my work is the work itself. It is a research into the inner workings of the work’s induced staged reality and its apparent illusion. As former physicist, I am intrigued by what it is, that creates the experience, gives the work its meaning, its existence, and with what consequences? Does it exist through more than perception, or is condemned to be caught in its own context at all times

Fascinated by these seemingly academic questions, I feel the urge, almost obliged, to carefully construct a self reflecting playground of the real. The work is situated inside the established reality, such that the moment of perception can be investigated. In the diffuse transition towards the transcendental art space, all parties become actor and reactor in an obscure scientific experiment for understanding and truth.

Besides these more recursive questions that focus on the how and when, the metaphysical of the here and now is tried to be made tangible and the observed physical world in doubt. In this I let myself be governed by the dialectic of chance and destiny, chaos and order, action reaction, and the forementioned appearance or reality. An integral part of this process is my hunger for knowledge on the cosmos and man’s conscious position in it. It is in the absorption of information that my creative process is fuelled and my need to participate arises.

My pursuit is to combine both theses into the ultimate work, a work that questions its validity as well as of its interviewer. This sometimes results in almost impossible assignments to myself. Failing and succeeding are then closely related.

My working methods are frequently conceptual with a tendency towards a more minimalistic visual language of artists from the traditional and neo avant-garde. A particular medium can in principle be anything, and it is chosen through the concept and in the moment. In this moment is everything and nothing, as an infinite and intangible singularity.