conceptual artist

The Kiss – Stills from an Unperformed Act
Beyond The Eye – Descending The Cave
From the series ‘U+200B’
From the series ‘Unconstructed Spaces’
From the series ‘Untouchables’
Unconstruction #4
From the series ‘Penless’
From the series ‘Fucking Titles’
From the series ‘Unfinished Works’
From the series ‘On Time’
Spatial-temporal intervention of nearest star in studio of artist Luciano Pinna
Unconstruction in Two
Unconstruction #5: Drawing Outside Causal Line
Drawing the Will
From the series ‘’
the unknown artwork: a postulation
From the series ‘Non Existing Works’
Self-portrait of a Young Artwork
Residual of an Act that Never Happened
Space Reserved for Artwork to Fluctuate into Existence
Unknown, [ & ]
PW3: Adding Zeros to Create One
PW1: Hanging a Planet on the Wall
Invision of I
Biophysics Illustrations
Minus Actions of Genesis: Unconstruction #3
On Negative Space of Sound
The Illusionistic Surface
Guarded Space
The Drop from Heaven
Artist Statement
The Hard Problem
From the series ‘Drawn Move’
On Canvas
Struggling with the Past
Insomnia #351 & #351*
Recurring Nightmares of Meaning
Conclusive Nr2
Touching the Void
Seventy Three