conceptual artist

Beyond The Eye – Descending The Cave

Computational photography, AI / Stable Diffusion 1.4 / 2023

Beyond The Eye – Descending The Cave

36 works from the series Beyond The Eye – Descending The Cave 

The pieces belonging to the Beyond The Eye – Descending The Cave collection were produced by combining landscape photography with artificial intelligence. 2 machine learning technologies were utilised during a 2 step proces.

In the first step a series of black & white landscape photos of the artist taken during a trip into a cave was analysed by the CLIP machine learning module, producing an automatic description of each photo.

The outcome of the CLIP interrogation was used as a negative prompt during an image-to-image transfer using the machine learning system Stable Diffusion v1.4. The original was used as the source image upon which the negative prompt exerted its transformative influence. No positive prompts were utilised during the transformation.

At its core, Beyond The Eye – Descending The Cave serves as an experimental expedition into the realms of image-to-image machine learning technology as applied to landscape photography. With each piece, it beckons the viewer to contemplate the dynamic between the photographer’s discerning eye and the capabilities of artificial intelligence. 

The collection encompasses a total of 36 pieces, alluding to the artistry of a film roll.


Nr of works: 36
Full color / 1:1 ratio