conceptual artist

Invision of I

Invision of I

Video / Synchronous 3 channel projection / 1080p, B&W, Color, No sound / 2011

What is the value of a performative action defining new reality, committed solely in the presence of the camera? Invision of I problematises this with a directed performance. It tries to deconstruct the moment of registration and thus the performance itself.

An attendant guards a closed exhibition space of which she herself is the main subject. The active camera follow her isolated movements through an abstract glass window carried by 2 men. Performer and camera are each on one side of the screen. Interaction between the 2 spaces takes place via minimalistic movements. The result is presented in 3 synchronous and silent projections.

The lens of the camera during registration, as well as the frame of the beamer during projection, are made tangible by the abstraction. An intimate yet distant relation is created with the perceived. The viewer is made aware of his position beyond the possibility of participation while being asked to enter the frozen reality.


Performers: Martje Brandsma, Ammon Faithfull, Guido Vijverberg
Camera: Hans de Vries; Production Assistant: Rik Spann
Direction & Production: Luciano Pinna
Thanks to: Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek & Teresa van Twuijver