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the unknown artwork: a postulation

the unknown artwork: a postulation

Text / Version 2022.1 / Jan 8 / 2013 – 2022

1.1 The unknown artwork is a work of art.
1.2 The work is without copies.
1.3 The work is unknown.

2.1 The work and/or its documentation can be presented.
2.2 Presentation is confined to the context of the art world.
2.3 Presentation is a single concurrent event.
2.4 A copy of this postulation must be present.
2.5 The copy must not be presented as work.
2.6 The copy must be complete and current.
2.7 The copy can only contain itself.
2.8 The copy must be generated by automata excluding works of art.
2.9 The copy must be set in the default typeface.

3.1 The word (art)work should always be followed by and/or its documentation when referencing the presentation.
3.2 No accompanying illustrative sensory information may be added.
3.3 Only lowercase usage of the words the unknown artwork is permitted unless of grammatical necessity.
3.4 Only indeterminate words may be used with respect to the work’s location, size, weight, materials, construct, colour, sound, smell, taste, touch, energy, motion, actions, age, origin, creator, context, classification and title.

4.1 This postulation is maintained by the unknown artwork foundation.
4.2 Current members of the foundation are: Luciano Pinna.
4.3 The foundation is free to add or remove members.
4.4 The foundation is the sole scheduler of the presentations.
4.5 This postulation is subject to change by the foundation without prior notice.
4.6 Changes to this postulation cannot alter the known quality of the work of art.

Version 2022.1 / Jan 8