conceptual artist

From the series ‘Drawn Move’

From the series ‘Drawn Move’

Performative Drawing / Paper, Pencil / 2007

Drawn Move #1: Una Gionata Particolare

The action based drawing performance Drawn Move was set up as a stress experiment on the cognitive transformation of visual information. What would happen if an artist had only limited time to respond to a constantly changing stream of visual stimuli? What decisions would he make and would these belong more to the conscious realm or would they be the outcome of zombie-like movements based on some residual process of perception and reaction?

Referencing the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Drawn Move tries to capture in real-time a complete movie inside a single drawing. While watching a movie from start to finish without pausing or slowing down playback speed, the perceived image was drawn and the drawn residual readjusted to the new information.

The drawing hand was almost constantly on the move for the duration of the  movie, trying to keep up with changing visuals, while the eyes went back and forth between original and copy. The drawing started from the very first frame of the movie and ended immediately after the end credits disappeared. The drawing was made while standing using a drawing stand with the movie projected on the wall behind the stand. Only a single pencil was used.