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From the series ‘Unconstructed Spaces’

From the series ‘Unconstructed Spaces’

Computational photography, AI / Stable Diffusion 1.4 / 2023

32 of 256 works from the series Unconstructed Spaces. The 32 works are selected at random from the set upon page load. Refreshing the page will show a new random set of images.

The pieces belonging to the Unconstructed Spaces collection were produced by artificial intelligence, specifically utilising the text-to-image machine learning technology known as Stable Diffusion, specifically version 1.4. The images were generated using the following sentence as a text prompt:

{white cube, art space} of endless dimensions, with pedestals, pillars and lights, without windows, doors and air, experienced in dramatic light

The project utilizes digital resources from the internet and machine learning to investigate the white cube art space visually. Additionally, it serves as a political commentary on the art world and the manner in which art is perceived within it.

The collection comprises 256 pieces, which is the highest number of unique elements that can be denoted by 1 byte. Historically, a byte has been utilized to represent a singular character, number, or symbol in a computer.


Nr of works: 256
Full color / 4:3 ratio
Title of an individual work from the series*: constructed upon perception according to the formula Unconstructed Space (ℕ∩[I,CCLV])

* To ensure digital archiving, a work from the series must be stored under a distinctive and fixed name. However, this name should not be used as the title of the work. The title must always be generated in real-time based on the given guideline. To reference the image in text, whether in print or digital format, a hash of the image can be calculated and included near the image as a reference.

The work referenced by the md5 hash dbcc356f9f6bb5589005bf0cc77e7d2c