conceptual artist

In Liminil Space

Photography / 2024

In Liminil Space

20 works from the series In Liminal Space.

As I wandered through the wetlands, I found myself contemplating how nature might change if the effects of climate change were to intensify. This contemplation is at the heart of In Liminal Space, an evocative collection of 20 photos captured in stark orange and blue hues. Suggestive of thermal imaging, the images try to pierce into the state of nature.

What will these wetlands look like in the future? Will we still be able to hike through these areas as we do now, or will we need specialized equipment to navigate the altered terrain, if at all?

With rising temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns, the wetlands, once teeming with diverse flora and fauna, could become unrecognizable. Water levels might rise, submerging large areas and creating new aquatic habitats while drowning existing ecosystems. Alternatively, prolonged droughts could dry up the wetlands, transforming them into arid, cracked plains.

In Liminal Space captures this transient moment in the wetlands, urging us to acknowledge and respond to the profound changes our environment faces. 

Nr of works: 20
Full color / 3:2 ratio